Solar Panels Ireland – Thermodynamic Panels to be tested

Solar Panels Ireland -the UK starts thermodynamic solar panels test. There has been a lot of discussion recently of the heating technology known as solar thermodynamic panels (or solar-assisted heat pumps). In Ireland they are often marketed as solar panels or a “solar panel that works at night”. In fact they are actually a type of DX heat pump, which uses a roof mounted evaporator to extract energy from the air and … Read More →

Solar Panels – Heating requires more attention from policy makers – IEA

Solar Panels

Solar Panels for heating Last month the International Energy Agency (IEA) published the paper “Heating Without Global Warming. Market Development and Policy Considerations for Renewable Heat”. The paper looks at current renewable energy use for heat including solar panels for heating and at its future prospects and what it needs to develop. The study is an important document, it is the first publication focusing on the renewable heating sector for … Read More →

Solar Panel water heating included in dRHI scheme in the UK

Solar Panel

Solar Panel water heating to be installed under the new DRHI scheme in the UK The domestic Renewable Heating Incentive (dRHI) for England, Wales and Scotland was launched on 9 April 2014. For solar panel thermal water heating, the dRHI will pay the end-user at a rate of 0.192 (GBP)/kWh for 7 years – that is €0.23 per kWh of solar thermal energy far in excess of any fossil fuel … Read More →

Hotfoot Joins Forces with Calorique Europe (Ltd)

Calorique Logo New 1

ANNOUNCEMENT Hotfoot is delighted to announce that it has merged with Calorique Europe (Ltd), a leading global supplier of low energy output radiant heating film and sustainable energy heating solutions. The new Calorique Europe Headquarters will be based at the Hotfoot Distribution and technology premises in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Engineering, technical support, quality and be-spoke designs make the Calorique products one of the most sought after products on the … Read More →


Heat Pump Running Costs

PROPERTY TYPE AND LOCATION: VICTORIAN SEMI-DETACHED PROPERTY – 5 Bedroom – 2 Bathrooms – Bayswater Terrace – Greystones Harbour – Greystones – Co Wicklow CLIENT OBJECTIVE: The general brief from the client was a request for a warm, cosy house and reduced heating utility bills. PROBLEM: Exorbitant annual heating cost using an old outdated inefficient LPG boiler. The Client was very interested in the Ice Stick Air to Water Heat … Read More →

The Ice Stick – Unique Air to Water Heat Pump

The Ice Stick Heat Pump

The Ice Stick is an air to water heat pump that can easily be installed in a new build or retro fit and connected to an underfloor water heating system or your existing radiators. The Ice-Stick Heat Pump saves energy in an environmentally friendly way and is ideally suited to Ireland’s naturally windy climate. It only takes heat from the air which the building actually requires. Once the Ice-Stick Heat … Read More →

Solar Panels Ireland | SEAI Grants

Kingspan Solar Panels

HOW TO USE THE BETTER ENERGY HOMES SCHEME TO YOUR ADVANTAGE Over the last number of years, the SEAI changed the way grants for solar panels in Ireland were to be rewarded under the Better Energy Homes Scheme. Whilst it has become a little more cumbersome to get access to these grants, the fact remains that there is still €800 available as a solar grant and you can use this … Read More →

Heat Pumps for the Dairy Sector


‘The ultimate quality of a farm’s milk is determined in large part by the cleanliness of the milking machine and the whole dairy environment. A clean milking machine ensures the microbial contamination of the milk is minimised. Clean yards and surroundings also reduce other sources of contamination’. The quality and quantity of the water used for cleaning the milking machine has a significant impact on the cleaning efficiency. Typically, farmers … Read More →

Underfloor Heating Systems


Electric Underfloor Heating – Energy Efficient and Comfortable Underfloor heating systems can offer a streamlined alternative to radiators Underfloor heating systems – which can sit beneath stone, tile, wooden or even carpeted surfaces – will help to keep cold floors and rooms toasty, and can offer an alternative to using radiators to deliver central heating. There are two main types of floor heating to choose from: electric underfloor heating, which … Read More →