Glenergy Air To Water Heat Pumps are the premium heat pump solution for new build and retrofit building projects. A new grant has been introduced for retrofit projects where you wish to upgrade an existing heating system with a heat pump. You can see more details about the heat pump grant here:

Providing Space and Water heating, Glenergy Air to Water Heat Pumps are European built and come with the highest COPs available on the market and heat water to 60 DegC without an electric immersion back up required.  Not only are they highly efficient they also have the widest range of heat pump solutions available in Ireland from Air to Water to Geo Thermal heat pumps and everything in between.

Neura supply two models of Air to Water Heat Pumps.  The NDA Premium and the Nano.

NDA Premium: Part L Compliance in a box

Neura NDA premium Air to water heat pumps are incredibly efficient in fact one of the most efficient heat pumps in the world and the most efficient in Ireland. All Neura Heat Pumps are ranked best in class on SEAI’s HARP database.  The popular 8 kW version has an exceptional SPF of 4.42 which means it can be used to provide Part L Compliance on new builds without the need for extra renewables like solar that you may not want or need.  All Neura air to water heat pumps can heat DHW to 60 DegC without the use of an integral immersion which is crucial to ensuring trouble free Part L compliance.

Thanks to the low space requirement the NEURA NDA air to water heat pumps are especially suitable for modern buildings whereAir to water heat pumps installation space is limited. There are two options for installation giving you a heat pump version tailored to fit your situation.

Option 1 Split Version:The heat pump unit is housed in a noise-insulated housing which can be installed inside the house in a plant room. The evaporator is designed to be installed outside and is connected to the heat pump unit using copper piping.

Option 2 Hook Up Version: If there is no plant room available then you can use the hook-up version. In this situation, the heat pump unit is situated outside directly beside the evaporator. You receive maximum efficiency using as little space as possible.


  • Highest SPF in class on HARP Database
  • Can heat DHW water to 60 Degc without the use if an integral electric immersion.
  • Highest performance coefficient ever measured by the certified AIT inspection unit for any air to water heat pump
  • Lowest ever noise level measured for any air to water heat pump (in silent mode)
  • Compressor can be installed outside or inside (in the split variant) – no plant room is required
  • WEBDIALOG® is included – inspection and control of the thermal heat

Download NDA Heat Pump Brochure


NDA NANO Heat pump: Compact efficiency 

The NEURA NDA Nano thermal heat pump is the little brother of the NDA Premium Air to Water heat pump. The Nano variant is aNano Air to Water Heat Rumps compact version of the NDA requiring a very small footprint for its installation. The Nano is installed in a small and compact housing, outside in the garden so you don’t need a plant room.  Hassle-free operation is guaranteed down to -20 °C. You can use this reliable source of heat around the clock, 365 days of the year.


  • Space and Water heating
  • Can heat DHW water to 60 Degc without the use if an integral electric immersion.
  • 6 kW up to 14 kW versions available.
  • High efficiency even during periods of very low outside temperatures
  • Incredibly silent running
  • Low installation footprint

Download NANO Heat Pump Brochure