Solar Panels – Solar PV on a big scale

Solar Panels and Farms An article in the Independent recently published talks about solar panels producing electricity on a larger utility scale.  This is where a large array of solar panels are installed to produce large amounts of electricity in the multi MW region.  These “solar farms” will become part of the land scape in Ireland particularly if a Feed in Tariff (FIT) is introduced in Ireland.  There are certainly many solar companies currently vying for suitable land to install … Read More →

Underfloor Heating and your BER

Underfloor Heating and BER

Underfloor Heating adds value to your house Underfloor heating is widely accepted to be the most efficient way to heat your home.  This has the added benefit now of adding value to your home via an improved BER (Building Energy Rating) rating.  The higher a BER rating your home gets the more attractive it is when it is on the market.  This is because a home with a higher BER … Read More →

Solar Panels – on the White House

solar panels

Solar Panels for Barack. Barack Obama has installed solar panels on the white house. His officials confirmed that a set of solar panels on the roof of the White House are now producing energy. In tandem with this Obama will use his executive authority to announce $2bn funding for energy-saving measures (such as solar panels) at federal government buildings, as well as new financing and training programmes for installing solar … Read More →

Solar Panels – The Future Imprinted

solar panels

Solar Panels – fresh off the printing press Solar panels today are primarily made from silicon. Some solar panel sceptics have pointed out that solar panels require large inputs of energy from fossil fuels in the manufacturing process with most of the production powered by oil, gas and diesel not solar panels.  Although over their lifetime Solar panels produce far more energy than was used to produce them it is … Read More →

Solar Panels – Top Renewable Energy

solar panels

Solar Panels are Ideal Energy Efficiency Improvement A brand new research paper into the public’s energy saving desires states that home renewable energy technologies such as solar panels are considered to be ideal technology to improve energy efficiency in the home. The research released by the Energy Saving Trust, found that installing solar panels or other renewable energy systems was the preferred solution for reducing energy if cost and hassle were … Read More →

Solar Panels – SEAI Grants remain static

Solar Panels BEH scheme

Solar Panels – Better Energy Home Scheme Grants static.  We had a quick look at the statistics from the Better Energy Homes Scheme Grants from SEAI today.  We were looking for some sign of improvement in the uptake of solar panels for heating water under this scheme but unfortunately were met with a very static if not negative picture.  As you can see from the graph below the installation of … Read More →

Solar Panels – Improve your BER rating

underfloor heating improve your BER

Solar Panels – more energy production less energy bills. SEAI have recently released figures on the running costs and CO2 emissions on heating systems related to houses with different BER ratings.  The obvious conclusion was that the more energy efficient your house is the less it costs and pollutes.  The difference in heating energy use between the least energy efficient house, a G rating and a hosue with an A … Read More →

Solar Panels – the new democracy

solar panels

Solar Panels – Power to the People. The Government has launched a “Green Paper on Energy Policy” for consultation to the public. It’s basically an extended public survey.  There are many questions to be asked and answered about how you as an Irish citizen want your energy to be produced and delivered in the future. Questions such as should solar panels be subsidized?   Should you be able to sell … Read More →

Solar Panels – now the new coal

Solar Panels

Solar Panels – cheaper than Coal. It was with interest that we read an article by Giles Parkinson in The Guardian last week.  The subject of the article dealt with solar panels and how they had become more cost-effective than coal at supplying electricity to the grid in Australia. Giles reported that;   “Last week, for the first time in memory, the wholesale price of electricity in Queensland fell into negative … Read More →

Solar Panels Price – leveling out

Solar panels price

Solar Panels Price – never a better time to go solar. The price of solar panels for generating electricity in Ireland was until very recently prohibitive to install.  Only the the most enthusiastic, the most green and some of those most fearful about climate change were pioneering enough to install solar panels despite the cost.  But now the market has completely changed in Ireland and Irish solar panels price s have … Read More →