Underfloor Heating adds value to your house

Underfloor heating is widely accepted to be the most efficient way to heat your home.  This has the added benefit now of adding value to your home via an improved BER (Building Energy Rating) rating.  The higher a BER rating your home gets the more attractive it is when it is on the market.  This is because a home with a higher BER rating will cost less to run saving the occupants money every year. For example an F rated house using radiators and oil to heat the house will cost over €5000 more a year to run than a B rated home of the same size using underfloor heating and heat pumps.  That’s €5000 a year.  See the list below to see how your house will improve:

underfloor heating improve your BER

How is the BER affected by underfloor heating.

When a BER is being conducted the heating of the house is the main influence on the result.. The more efficient the heating the better the BER rating and the higher the value of your home.  If you have underfloor heating installed the BER assesor makes note of this.  By having underfloor heating present the BER calculation assumes the heating system is of high efficiency and needs lower temperatures to achieve the required heat in the house. This gives the rating a boost.  If there are standard radiators present the BER assessment takes a pessimistic view of the heating system. It assumes it works at much higher temperature and therefore costs more in energy and money to run.

Upstairs Downstairs Underfloor Heating

Another influence on the BER is whether the underfloor heating is installed upstairs as well as downstairs.  Many underfloor heating systems are installed downstairs only and are coupled with radiators upstairs due to a perceived difficulty in installing underfloor heating upstairs floors.  If underfloor heating can be installed on both downstairs and upstairs levels the BER rating is further boosted. Hotfoot supplies an underfloor heating system that can be installed easily upstairs as well as downstairs, see more information here

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