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The Air to Water Hot Water Heat Pump system produces hot water at extremely low prices, exceptional quality and high performance. Save up to 75% on heating your water.

Producing hot water for use at home or at work is very expensive, and this problem is increasing as the cost of electricity and fuel continues to rise. The method of producing hot water in most houses today is an electric emersion tank with a lagging jacket or using the Gas or Oil fuelled home heating system. In addition, a large number of homes have electric showers, adding to the cost of producing hot water.  It makes sense to explore alternative methods of heating water. The Hot Water Heat Pump solves these problems.


The Hot water Heat Pump simply replaces your existing immersion tank eliminating any input from your boiler. It produces energy from nature by simply extracting heat from the air and raising it to a temperature suitable to supply hot water. Warm air from your bathroom, kitchen, utility room, etc is ducted back to the heat pump and used in the heating process.  Stale or cold air is also taken from within the building and ducted from the house. The Pump needs only 25% of the electricity required by conventional water heaters to produce the same amount of hot water.  This is a saving of 75%.  It also eliminates the need for your home heating system to heat the water. This Compact Hot Water Heat Pump generates hot water from within your home or business utilizing the surrounding air that would otherwise be totally wasted, so not only is it highly efficient but kind on both the environment and carbon footprint. Installing a Hot Water Heat Pump will increase the energy rating of your home (BER) thus adding to its resale value. This Heat pump has an exceptionally fast heat up time which means a constant supply of hot water, essential at shower, bath and wash up times.


  • Energy is taken through a ceiling duct from the ambient air or from water condensing out of the air into the evaporator in a hot water tank. Essentially,  75% of the heat generated comes free of charge.
  • Only 25% of electrical input is required to operate the compressor.

Hot Water Heat Pump


The Hot Water Heat Pump system can be connected to solar thermal panels on the roof of your house to further increase the efficiency and savings. Unlike other hot heating systems, the cost to install a hot water heat pump in a new or old building pays off relatively quickly –  in as little as 2-5 years depending on the household usage and water demand… Repayments are made by the savings achieved. Feel free to browse our online testimonials section where you will see the significant cost savings made by our customers who have installed the Hot Water Heat Pump compared to traditional oil or gas heating systems.


Heat Pump

Steam from a bath or shower is extracted through a ceiling duct, dehumidifying the room leaving fog-free mirrors and dry towels. The steam extracted is then converted into free energy by way of hot water through the heat pump.

 Eurosaver Heat Pump

The Moist warm air generated by a washing machine/tumble dryer is extracted through a ceiling duct and converted into free energy by way of domestic hot water through the heat pump.

Eursoaver App3

In addition to supplying domestic hot water, cold air is produced during the energy conversion process and can be conducted back into a room that requires cooling – ie A storage room/Larder/ Fitness room.

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Hot air from an open fire or kitchen is extracted through a ceiling duct. This is normally wasted heat is then transferred is then fed into the heat pump and converted into free energy as domestic hot water through the heat pump.



  • 2 x 300L Hot Water Heat Pump Tanks Installed in a local GAA Club.
  • Water usage is assumed to be 1000L of water heated to 45-50 degC per training/match session
  • This would deliver 40 x 5 min showers approximately.
  • Frequency of use is thought to be 5 times a week for 50 weeks of the year.


  • 100% independence from Oil or Gas
  • Significant Energy and Cost Savings versus Traditional Oil/Gas or Electric Heating
  • Constant hot water from approx .50 cent per day
  • Dehumidifies by removing  steam from showers and waste heat from utility etc.
  • Compact design on the 150L to 250L so will fit most hot presses.
  • Future Proof (Solar Heating Can be Added)
  • Five year parts warranty.
  • Easy to Install and Use: The Hot Water Heat Pump provides substantial cash saving on other systems, both on installation and running.
  • Low Carbon Footprint as a renewable and Sustainable Energy Source.

Dairy Farmers can also avail of up to 18-30% off the list price when applying through the Dairy Equipment Scheme. Please contact us for more information on our installation partners in your region.