Solar Panels – now a viable technology in Ireland

Solar PV or photovoltaic panels and solar panels for heating water are a viable and attractive option for Irish people to use to help power your home.  For years Solar panels have been a minority technology in Ireland mostly due to the costs but this has changed substantially recently.  Solar Panels are now a financially viable alternative to offset our use of damaging fossil fuels.

Solar Panels Prices

We supply solar panels for heating water and solar PV Panels through our sister company Glenergy Solar – Solar Panels Prices are listed here: 

Solar Panels Prices of different systems

Solar PV

Please see a video below outlining the basics of how Solar PV panels work

See below for the our range of solar PV products which can produce free electricity for your home or commercial development. All PV panels supplied are TUV certified and come with a guarantee to supply 90% of full power for 10 years, 80% of full power for 25 years. This warranty is backed up by insurance from Chubb. There is also a 10 year manufacturers warranty. Perfect for both Grid tie and off grid applications, We have drawn up a quick cost-benefit analysis of a 2kWp system to demonstrate how these systems will save you money.



1.25 kWp Solar PV Panel Kit.

Solar PV - HotfootIdeal for roof installation and grid tie situtations. Tile and slate roof options available. Kit includes:

5 x 250 Watt solar PV panels.
Roof mounting kit for 4 solar panels.1 x SMA Sunnyboy 1200 Inverter. suitable for Grid connection in Ireland and the UK.
Price: €2750 ex. VAT

Solar PV Panels
Solar PV Panels
250W Solar PV Panel.
Ideal for large power requirements, and for off-grid living. This module is optimised for charging battery systems of 24V or 48V in pairs. TUV Certified, high spec monocrystalline panel, fantastic value
Price: €300.00 ex VAT
Solar PV Panel Kit
150W Solar PV Panel.
A mid-range panel for leisure use. This is the largest module on offer suitable for 12V batteries without an MPPT charge controller (or wired in series for higher voltages). TUV Certified, high spec Monocrystalline panel
Price: €266.12 ex VAT

Solar PV Panel kit
Solar PV85W Solar PV Panel.
A budget panel for leisure use, cattle fencing on farms, and other remote low power requirements. The voltage range is ideal for 12V battery systems. TUV Certified, high spec monocrystalline panel and great value
Price: €151.65 ex VAT