Ceiling Heating – a real space saver

Ceiling Heating

A real challenge in apartments is making use of the small space and maximizing the space that you have.  In a recent project with John Rocha where he designed the layout and furnishings of a city centre apartment he chose Hotfoot’s electric ceiling heating products to provide the heating.  This allowed him to eliminate bulky and sometimes ugly radiators saving space there.  It also means there is no requirement to install a oil/gas boiler which again takes up valuable space which could be used for more storage/living space.

All round ceiling heating in apartments is a real winner.   Costs are also low as the efficiency of the system is 100% and the robust room to room control system ensures there is no waste.  These ceiling heating systems are also incredibly easy to install on both new builds and existing apartments.  A smart choice for heating apartments – just ask John Rocha.

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