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Marmox Thermoblock – Thermal Bridge Elimination


Marmox Thermoblock is a structural insulation block that sits at the junction in the wall with the floor. It replaces the first course of blocks or bricks or sits beneath the sole plate of a timber frame.

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600 (L) x 100 (W) x 65 (H)

600 (L) x 140 (W) x 65 (H)

600 (L) x 215 (W) x 65 (H)




Product Description

Thermal bridge elimination

A load bearing thermal insulation block which eliminates the thermal bridge at the wall/floor junction.

Marmox Thermoblock is a highly insulating, load-bearing building block that replaces the bottom course of blocks or bricks in a wall to eliminate or significantly reduce the thermal bridge at the wall floor junction.  Our thermal bridge eliminating block is made of a strong and rigid epoxy-concrete frame that is integrated with our own fire-resistant XPS that gives the outstanding thermal insulation providing y values of between 0.03 to 0.07W/mK.

Although Thermoblocks are lightweight they are extremely strong and stable having a mean compressive strength of 9.0N/mm2 so can be used in most walls.  Additionally, because they are impermeable to water they can be used in damp conditions without any deterioration in their insulating properties. So, not only does Thermoblock reduce the thermal bridge, but it also creates a moisture barrier.

All building regulations in the UK and Ireland now say: “The building fabric should be continuous over the whole building envelope and constructed so that there are no reasonably avoidable thermal bridges in the insulation layers caused by gaps in the various elements.”

Marmox Thermoblock satisfies this requirement perfectly by connecting the wall insulation with the floor insulation thus reducing the thermal bridge easily and effectively..

Marmox Thermoblock is BBA certified and was created to provide an easy, affordable and effective solution for the problem of thermal bridging. One junction of major concern has been where the wall (masonry OR timber frame) meets the floor – this is where the thermoblock works best but it is also very effective at party wall junctions where there is significant thermal bridge heat loss.

Using Marmox Thermoblock will guarantee compliance with current regulations and also make Part L compliance on energy conservation easier to achieve. The increased thermal properties of a wall using thermoblock means a lower thermal bridging factor can be used in a DEAP BER assesment.  This  reduces the requirement for more costly renewable energy or insulation systems elsewhere in the build and so reduces overall cost of the build.

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100mm Wide, 140mm Wide, 215mm Wide


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