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Kingspan Flat Plate Solar Panels


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  • Kingspan FPW21 panels
  • On Roof mounting kit
  • FP connection kit
  • Antifreeze 40L
  • HIgh efficiency Pump Station
  • Solar Controller SC400
  • 18L Expansion Vessel kit
  • Delivery

Flat plate solar panels are generally cheaper than evacuated tubes but produce about the same amount of energy on an annual basis –  see some guide prices on installed flat plate solar panels here

Other advantages of flat plate solar panels are:

  • Longevity – Flat plates tend to last a bit longer than tubes with design lives in excess of 30 years
  • Aesthetics – Some prefer the looks of flat plate solar panels
  • Lower stagnation temperature – flat plate solar panels do not reach the high temperatures that evacuated tubes reach.  This can result in lower maintenance requirements.

Some things to consider:

  • Seasonal production: Flat plate solar panels operate very well in the warmer months of the year (Apr – Oct) but don’t fare as well as tubes in the winter.  This is fine for most systems but if winter yield is important then tubes may be the right choice.
  • In roof or on roof: Flat plates can be mounted in -roof like a velux window or on – roof on brackets like evacuated tubes.  We recommend mounting on-roof as this allows for easier and cheaper maintenance should it be needed in years to come.

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