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Ecotank Hot Water Heat Pump


Hotfoot’s Ecotank Heat Pump is designed to extract moist air from your bathroom through a duct or vent which in turn is recycled and heated again through the compressor in the heat pump system. For every one KW  unit of energy input, the Heat Pump returns a 3 to 4 KW output in return making it an ultra efficient heat pump system which can save you considerable money over the course of year.

If Ventilation ducting is required please contact us

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Product Description

Save up to 75% on your hot water bill compared with Oil or Gas

The diagram shows how Ecotank Heat Pump recycles heat, by extracting moisture from your bathroom and reheating your water through the heat pump.

Ecotank Benefits:

• Constant hot water from 45 cent per day (€160 per year)
• Removes steam from showers and waste heat from utility etc.
• Five year parts warranty

All Heat Pump Prices Excluding V.A.T and Installation.

Additional Information

Available Pump Sizes

100L Hotfoot EcoTank heat pump hot water cylinder, 200L Hotfoot EcoTank heat pump hot water cylinder, 250L Hotfoot EcoTank heat pump hot water cylinder, 300L Hotfoot EcoTank heat pump hot water cylinder


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