DN16 Solar Pipe

DN16 Solar Pipe – pre-insulated


DN16 Stainless Steel Flexible Pre Insulated Pipe is the ideal solution for solar thermal water heating systems.  Flexible and durable the DN16 Solar Pipe pipe comes in 10m, 15m and 25m roll lengths.  The pipe rolls are 2in2 so contain a flow and return pipe.  For example in a 15m roll of DN16 solar pipe there is 15m of flow pipe and 15m of return pipe.

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Does not include fittings – please visit the DN16 Fittings page for to add to your order.


Product Description

DN16 Solar Pipe

DN16 Stainless Steel Flexible Pre Insulated Pipe is the ideal solution for solar thermal pipe systems.  This DN16 pipe is insulated with high temperature resistant insulation and includes a sensor cable to allow for easy connection from solar panels to the solar controller. Solar pipe comes in a range of sizes and we supply DN16 solar pipe and DN20 solar pipe . The pipe has been specifically designed to work with solar thermal systems it is an ideal component to be used in all good high quality solar thermal systems.

The DN16 solar pipe is designed to be flexible and therefore making it quick and easy to install.  No need for time consuming copper pipe runs with complicated bends.  The fact that the DN16 solar pipe is continuous and doesn’t require fittings at every bend means there is a reduced number of weak points in the pipe run reducing the risk of leaks and the material cost of buying fittings.

The pipe is insulated with Armaflex high temperature pipe insulation and has an outer UV protection cover which protects against degradation when exposed to sunlight.

We also supply suitable fittings for DN16 solar pipe, please visit the DN16 fittings page to purchase.

For information on installation of solar panels please visit Glenergysolar.ie

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10 metres, 15 metres, 25 metres


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