multibond sealant
Acrylic Sealant

Marmox Multibond Sealant


Multibond Acrylic Sealant for bonding Marmox Multiboards and Marmox Thermoblock.

Marmox Multibond is our premium one part, ready to use sealant and ultra-high performance adhesive. Multibond is made in the UK using the latest environmentally friendly technology and is non-solvent based making it compatible with virtually all materials. Marmox Multibond is the all-in-one solution that replaces all silicone, MSP, butyl and acrylic based sealants.

  • Ideal for use with all Marmox products (ie Multiboard, Showerlay, Showerstone, Thermoblock)
  • A high strength adhesive for fixing almost any type of material
  • A waterproof seal for joints and holes – maximum 25mm
  • To seal and securely fix bathroom and shower fixings
  • Flexible sealing around flooring that can account for movement in the floor
  • Fix ceramics, masonry, wood, plaster, plastics, metal, stone


Please use 1 x 300ml tube per 12 x Thermoblocks


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